Vancouver to Lodi: Day 14

The last stage!

Our ride today from Dixon to Lodi would be a slow roller, our shortest distance and little climbing.  We figured this was a nice ‘recovery’ ride to end this epic trip!

The morning temps were already pretty high and the sun blazing when we rode out of Dixon.  Pedaling through the farmlands of the area, we quickly noticed the windmills out in the distance around Rio Vista.  There was even one massive turbine just on the edge of town that was very cool to ride by.

Both Warren and I stopped ourselves from jinxing the end of this trip – at this point we had pedaled nearly 1,200 miles with no flats, no major mechanicals and most importantly, no injuries. We did our best not to mention any of those facts until we were safely at the finish line in Lodi! Fingers crossed, we pushed on in the heat.

When we hit the loose gravel section of road east from Dixon to Rio Vista, we took extra care and went easy on the bikes to keep the rubber side down.

We decided to route through the Delta from Rio Vista to Lodi, to change up the scenery and most definitely avoid Hwy 12.  Time was on our side for our Lodi arrival and Giusti’s was too tempting, so we stopped in and had a fantastic lunch out of the scorching sun.

After some LangeTwins Sauvignon Blanc, a belly full of delicious-as-usual grub from Giusti’s, we headed back out in the heat for our final push to Lodi.  Our good friend, Dave Phillips, also joined us for the last few miles.

We finished underneath the famous Lodi Arch in Downtown, Warren and I sprinting (lots of argy-bargy) for the finish line.  The welcome party was waiting for us with flowers, Tour-like champagne sprays, the whole bit.  It was great to see our family and friends all come down to welcome us home and celebrate.

From there, the festivities began and lots of stories shared.  This has been a trip of a lifetime for me and Warren and I are already planning the next one.

Thanks to all who supported us, followed our progress and shared in our adventure.

Two weeks, 1,200 miles, 43,000ft elevation gain – challenge set & met!