Harvest 2013 Kick Off

The winery is again buzzing with activity, marking the start of Harvest 2013.

One of the first lots harvested was our Sauvignon Blanc Musqué Clone vineyard, just a stone’s throw from the winery.

Writer Randy Caparoso was on hand to cover the action – here are some snippets from his post including insights into our harvesting and winemaking decisions.

“We still operate the first Chisholm-Ryder Harvester that LangeTwins purchased when my father Randy was the only operator, and Brad (Randy Lange’s twin/partner) hauled the loads to the wineries himself. We utilize 7-man crews: one machine driver, two gondola drivers, two walkers, and two leafpullers. We normally go with only one leaf puller, but Sauvignon Blanc is juicy and leaves sometimes cause problems for our fans, so we like to provide extra manpower to ensure very clean loads.”

- Aaron Lange

 ”We usually pick the Musqué at least two different times to get a combination of flavor profiles, but I have to say, this year the first picking is about as perfect as it gets. Sugar is about 21°, 21.2° Brix, which is amazing. You never really want to have to wait for sugars to go past 22° before they are ready to be picked, because then the acids start to fall, the mouth-feel becomes fat, and the wine loses its brightness.”

- David Akiyoshi

“Following fermentation, we’ll do a single-racking into another tank, and everything will age another four, five or six months sur lie – that is, aging in the tanks on the lees (i.e. spent yeast cells). Akiyoshi also prefers to apply bâtonnage – the French method of stirring up the lees inside the tank – to the LangeTwins Musqué, which he says “adds creaminess to the wine’s palate-feel, and discernible length to the flavors along with very subtle, bread-crusty aromatics which compliment the varietal fruit character. To get this complexity, you can’t take short cuts – you have to follow through the entire process.”

- David Akiyoshi (and Randy Caparoso)