Vancouver to Lodi: Day 3

Five thirty wake up call, I slept until 5:45.  Staying up late the previous night to finish my blog posts for Day 1 & 2 was definitely catching up with me.  Ah well, only 80 or so miles to pedal today from Bremerton to Aberdeen. Right?

We were fueled up with an early breakfast at the Hampton Inn and hit the road.  The weather forecast and the skies we were watching were looking like rain.  Lots of dark clouds were hanging around and since I applied ample amounts of sunscreen, with my luck, it would pour.

As we were leaving town, we passed the Puget Sound Naval Base – which looked like the place old aircraft carriers went to rust out.  After posting this picture online, I heard from a few of you having a connection to Bremerton – one who’s dad served on the USS Kitty Hawk and another who’s great grandfather had a ship in Bremerton named after him.  (USS Turner Joy DD-951)

Keep the comments coming guys.

The area from Bremerton to Aberdeen is logging country.  We passed forest upon forest of clear cut, then re-plants, then what looked like 50+ year old trees.  I can’t help but think I’ve used a few pencils cut from these ‘working forests’ we pedaled past today.  With the snowy mountains on the horizon, today’s ride made for some nice views.

 After a short caffeine and breakfast burrito break in Shelton (have to stay topped up!) we merged onto Highway 101 (yes, THAT Highway 101) and headed south to join up with a series of roads that would lead us to Aberdeen.  That was a first for me – riding on a highway.  But, with lots of smooth pavement and a 5ft shoulder, it wasn’t as sketchy as it could have been.

Of all of the hundreds of logging trucks that passed us today, the milled cedar truck caught our attention the most.  All of a sudden you perked right up as you smelled the freshly planed wood – completely different than the raw cut trees passing by us.

We made really good time today, knocking out some fast miles and a decent amount of climbing.  Tonight, we’re in Aberdeen.  For those music trivia fans out there, Aberdeen was Kurt Cobain’s place of birth.  They recently voted to keep the “Come as you are” tribute on the town’s welcome sign.

We’re resting up and focusing on recovery today – tomorrow is a big day, well over 100 miles and some nice climbs by the looks of it.  But that doesn’t mean we won’t scour Aberdeen in search for a bottle of wine or two.

Total today: 83 miles, 2,400ft