Designing a Wine Label – Time to Vote!

Before we rang in the New Year, I mentioned we were in the midst of designing a new wine label for our Proprietary Tier and wanted your help to make the final decision. The time is here! We chose three different labels to consider and give your opinion on. But, before diving in, here’s a little refresher on the background of the label.

Wine Style
The wines will be limited individual lot wines crafted from grapes grown in our favorite vineyards. They are wines that excite us, have distinctive characteristics, and are single varietal. Don’t expect the wines to be made from the same vineyards each year, but expect the wines to be expressive and unlike any other wine!

Wine Distribution
You will be able to drink the wines in restaurants and also purchase in small wine shops – but the main focus will be in restaurants.

Wine Architecture
The Proprietary Tier is our highest quality wine available to purchase, unless you are a Wine Club Member, then one step above Proprietary is Single Barrel. When thinking of the architecture, think a triangle. At the base is Core, one level up is Generations, then Twins Icon, Proprietary, and at the tippy-top is Single Barrel. Here’s a picture of our wine architecture.

Here are the three choices. Please vote and then leave your thoughts in the comment section below! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate in letting me know!

[poll id="2"]

Design 1 - Cabernet

Design 1 - Cabernet

Design 1 - Chardonnay

Design 1 - Chardonnay

Design 2 - Cabernet

Design 2 - Cabernet

Design 2 - Chardonnay

Design 2 - Chardonnay

Design 3 - Cabernet

Design 3 - Cabernet

Design 3 - Chardonnay

Design 3 - Chardonnay

  • Sandra

    Based on the three designs, I like #3 the best. However, it is still a bit dark. Perhaps a thin gold line in the middle of the dark edge will help it pop a bit. Or replace the dark edge with light straw colored edge.

  • Kendra Lange

    Hi Sandra – Thank you for your response! In the JPG, the design does look a little dark… but sometimes when we get on press, colors change. If it’s still dark when we have a mock up done, we will look into a border color – great suggestion to lighten things up! Thanks again, Kendra

  • Ryan Fish

    I voted for #1 but I think they all look great. The most memorable thing you can put on a logo is an animal!! What would your animal be?

    • Joe Lange

      Hey Ryan-

      We are actually working on another label (08 Viognier – read about the wine here) that just might have a barn owl on it. Aaron was the mastermind behind the great shot – he snapped it as it came out of its owl box – one of many that we have scattered throughout our vineyards.

      What do you think of the owl for a wine label?

  • Kendra Lange

    Hi Ryan – It is hard to choose between the three… I do like them all as well. Thanks for your vote! Animal on a label? I would say if it were a reflection of both families, it would be a dog! I have a Black and Tan Coonhound, Bruno… my brother has a German Shorthair, Oz… and my aunt and uncle have a Black Lab, Lobo. It may be something we do in the future! We’ll keep it in mind! Best, Kendra

  • Tim Elliott

    This is a bit “inside baseball” on this but why is the world “Proprietary” used on the labels? It reminds me of some old school jug wines which is not what you are going for here. If that’s just used as filler text for vineyard designations or appellations, I totally get it.

    And #3 should win IMO. Great idea getting customer feedback and using Twitter to promote.

  • Todd Mallory

    I like both 1 & 2. #1 has a more “expensive & prestigious” look, but the design in the gold circle throws me off a bit.

    Joe, as for the Owl I would recommend that maybe as a second label or something. You’ve branded Twins so well, you don’t want to confuse your consumer… imo.

    • Joe Lange

      Hi Todd!

      Thanks for your vote-

      Re: the owl. It would be used on our Generations Tier of Wines, not the Core Tier, which allows us to play around a bit!

      So, your vote is #2? The close race continues…

  • Christy Wineman

    Hey guys!

    All of the new labels look great but the #2 label really adds class and dimension. I like the third label but for this caliber I think it may be a little too subtle.

    Keep up the great work and let me know the next time you are down in Santa Barbara wine country!

    • Joe Lange


      Good to hear from you – thanks for your vote!

      I see what you are saying about #3… I really like the grasses, but I think I prefer #2 for it’s dramatic appeal.

      Hopefully see you soon!


  • Tina V

    #3, absolutely. Good clear appearance of all elements, especially “Proprietary” which should stand out as it’s your big signal of best quality. Lovely background.

    • Joe Lange

      Hi Tina!

      Thanks for voting. #3 is definitely pulling away into a solid 1st place. I like it because it ties back into our Core Tier labels-



  • Dave Ficeli

    I like #3 the best from purely a richness standpoint, but I worry that it is so dark. That’s why I picked #1; it had more of a pop to it which drew my eyes to the label. I would rather see the brand name have the pop instead of the varietal info. Overall, I think #1 and #3 are good, rich looking labels which are true to the LT brand.

    • Joe Lange

      Hi Dave!

      Thanks for your insight – it looks like #3 is dominating!

  • Norma Plowman

    #2– with Lange Twins within the logo, really draws your eyes to the name. There could be a little more pizazz or larger font on Lange Twins. You want to stand out! Of course if you want a dog, I can volunteer Louis XIV, my wire haired dachshund! Noble indeed!

    • Joe Lange

      Hi Norma!

      Thanks for your comments – and the offer for Louis XIV! What a great name! :)

  • Jenny Preszler

    So I had my whole family take a look at the choices…My dad and I both agree on number two- we think it makes “proprietary” stand out the most out of the three. Looks like it’s going to be a close race though because my mom liked three (she’s always on the bandwagon j/k) and my brother was undecided between two and three! Happy polling-Hope the whole family is doing well!

    • Joe Lange

      Thanks to the whole Preszler Family for taking the time to vote!

  • Kelly Goodnight

    Hi Joe,

    The labels look great! I chose #3, I do agree with Sandra on the gold line on the edge of the label.

    Hope you’re doing well!

    Take care,

    • Joe Lange

      Kelly! Thanks for voting.

      #3 is out in front in a big way, with about 50% of the vote!

  • Jon Bjork

    I’ll throw in my vote for #3. I’d say it is the most elegant of the three designs. I do like the way it ties in with your product line. I don’t have a problem with it being dark because in the channels you’re positioning it in, it’s not going to have to catch your eye as it would in a supermarket. Thanks for sharing!

    • Joe Lange

      Hi Jon!

      Thanks for voting!

  • BeeBop Makalroy

    I voted for 3, but meant to vote for two, it’s ultra cool. Like me BeeBop Makalroy.