We offer many different services to the wine industry, taking advantage of our long history in California winegrowing and state-of-the-art winemaking facility. Please feel free to inquire more about our services.


Since 1974 we have developed individual's (including our own!) property to become successful winegrape vineyards. Our clients depend on us to not only manage the everyday aspects of vineyard management, but also site selection, planning, training, crop development, harvest, and contract management. Today we manage vineyards in four counties - San Joaquin, Sacramento, Yolo, and Solano, supporting winegrape programs for many wineries in California.


Our roots are in winegrape growing - and over the past 25 years, we've developed vineyards in the Lodi Appellation, Clements Hills Sub-Appellation, and the Clarksburg Appellation, all within the San Joaquin, Sacramento, Solano and Yolo counties. Each vineyard composition is unique due to soil, climate, and topography enabling us to successfully grow 21 unique winegrape varietals. 


A distinct LangeTwins advantage is that all of our wines are crafted from our vineyards enabling a continuous line of quality from vine to wine. Every vintage we hand-select vineyards and harvest specifically for the bulk market.  Each lot is harvested and crafted independently to maintain the varietal and vineyard characteristics unique to each winegrape. Typically, we split the lot in order to alternate winemaking techniques to create diverse wines from the same winegrapes. This results in a greater degree of selection for potential buyers on the bulk market - as well as a greater collection of wines to craft the perfect blend.


Our winery is designed to maximize wine quality and support superior workmanship - both for our wines as well as our custom crush clients. Elevated crush stations enable winegrapes to be delivered to the top of the einery thus creating the elevation necessary for gentle, gravity flow transportation to the presses. Multiple-sized fermentation tanks for small lot processing. Micro-oxygenation and automated pump-over technology for superior winemaking. French and American oak barrels for quality wine aging. We offer an array of premium winemaking services with an enhances standard winemaking protocol for a flat rate but also recognize that executing the right winemaking techniques at the right time is critical. For this reason, we have designed our rates and services to be inclusive of what it takes to get the job done right - no set-up fees, no hourly fees, and no additional labor fees. Just an agreement to make your wine to your specifications. And, if you find you're lacking crush capacity but would like to craft your wine in-house, we offer a 72 hour turnaround juicing service for your white grapes.


A From vines to wine, we can provide a unique bottles product under your own private label which will fulfill the vision of your personal wine program. Each vintage, we will have the ability to craft a wine under your preferred style. And if harvest has already passed, we can create a unique blend from our bulk wines to fit your needs. As a fully-integrated winery, we are available to discuss your needs, from wine availability, bottling to pricing, to help you realize your desired wine program.